In recent weeks our new Online CELTA course has been incredibly sought after, with enquiries and applications hitting a high. We are so happy that so many students have shown such a keen interest in studying the CELTA online, and due to its popularity will now be continuing to offer the course until the end of the year. 

So how does the Online CELTA with IH London compare to the more well known face-to-face course? We asked some recent CELTA graduates to tell us about their experience and were delighted with their feedback.



I thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel that I have learnt a lot. The transferral to online was extremely well managed and organised.


I think the tutors have worked really hard to make the experience as smooth as possible and on a par with the classroom experience. It’s been great!


I was sceptical about online learning especially during the coronavirus, but it’s turned out to be the best experience I have had since lockdown started. The tutors were extremely helpful and supportive.


I had fun learning again! I enjoyed getting constructive feedback and working on myself. This will be helpful for me not just for teaching but also on the personal level. My deepest respect to the tutors! They made it easy for us to go through these intense four weeks successfully! I would highly recommend it to anyone. Everything was professional and clear, and the support of the tutors and their personalities were amazing! Thank you!


I come from a Learning & Development background and really enjoyed the 100% online course. I was sceptical at the start but have truly embraced the online learning environment and have created great relationships with students and tutors alike. I would recommend it highly.


The course was incredibly useful and very enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to teach EFL!


IH London has extremely experienced and knowledgeable tutors with a useful mix of skills between them. It felt like they went above and beyond to support us and make sure we felt supported throughout. The course has opened my eyes to the possibilities of online teaching.


The course used excellent PowerPoint materials and all materials were available for downloading and on Google Classroom. Tutors made sure we could access as many internet reference materials as possible.


Fantastic tutors – they always explained assignments and course material clearly, efficiently, with good humour and a personalised touch. Tutors were available to email and response was quick. They gave clear feedback for areas to improve on.


I have started thinking about exploring online teaching as a result of a highly engaging and well-structured course. The materials were very engaging and even though the course was delivered fully online, there were multiple opportunities for group and pair work – the website and Google Classroom were really useful too.  I will be hoping to do my DELTA course with IHL next!



Our upcoming Online CELTA course dates are as follows:


Full time: 

06 July – 31 July

03 August – 28 August

1st September – 25th September

28th September – 23rd October


Part time:

11 July – 10  October

15 August – 14 November 


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