Although more and more of us are at home, this doesn’t mean our language learning needs to suffer. With all our courses going online and with plenty of opportunities for self-study, you can continue to make progress and keep your language skills going. There’s no better way to improve your Spanish from the comfort of your own home than tucking into some binge-worthy Spanish Netflix series. Here are our top 5 Spanish series you simply must watch this Spring: 


La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) 

Now into its fourth season, La Casa de Papel is a worldwide hit which has taken Netflix by stormThe electrifying series is about a group of robbers who attempt to carry out an incredibly elaborate robbery of the Fábrica de Moneda y Timbre in Madrid in the hope of becoming 2.4 billion richer. Now entering the final season, they cannot resist to urge to take on another big challenge, so they come out of hiding for one last hurrah. Full of plot twiststhrilling action and priceless comedy, this is a pulsating series that has it all.



When three working-class teenagers move to a new exclusive private school, their instant clash with the wealthy students leads to fiery confrontations, arguments and even murder… but who has blood on their handsNot your ordinary teenage drama, Elite is full of complicated characters, shocks and even bigger plot twists, so it will always keep you guessing. The much-anticipated Season 3 has just come out, so you better catch up right away. 



The incredibly bingeworthy Narcosrecounts the mind-boggling life of Pablo Escobar, one of the most powerful and deadliest drug lords in history, who unleashed chaos on Colombia during the 70s and 80s. The Netflix Original series is full of breath-taking action depicting the uncontrollably violent ‘drug war’ between the Medellín Cartel and the DEA. Providing a pretty accurate account of the havoc and corruption from that era, Narcos is a ground-breaking series that will shock you right to the core.  



If youre a fan of Designated Survivor or House of Cards and love a tense political drama, then Ingobernable is the show for you. The popular series is about the suspicious assassination of the Mexican President which provokes an unprecedented political scandal. The First Lady goes on the run as she is the prime suspect… but is she the culprit?   


Las Chicas del Cable (Cable Girls) 

The revolutionary Las Chicas del Cable follows the social progress made towards gender equality in 1920s Spain as four women gejobs in the first national telephone company in Madrid. With strong female leads and their endless fight for equality, there is simply no other show like it. 



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