As the famous saying goes, practice makes perfect and one popular way to work on your English skills outside the classroom is by watching videos in English. Take a look at the selection below as recommended by your teachers to help with both your listening and speaking skills.


For Learning in a Hurry: One-Minute Documentaries

What can you learn in 60 seconds? Well, quite a lot actually! 60 Second Docs features short documentaries from around the world on a variety of topics. Watch interviews with child stars or find out about jobs you never knew existed. Perfect for your commute into school or when you’re taking a lunchbreak, the videos are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Amazon and more. Got a spare minute?


For Preparing for Exams: English Central

For anyone taking exams or wanting to improve their pronunciation this website will become your new best friend. Choose a video to suit your level of English and on a subject that you find interesting. Once you have watched the video, it’s your turn to record your version to see if you can sound just like the speaker. It’s free to register on the English Central website, and there are several subscription plans to suit your budget.


For a Different Point of View: School of Life

Get some lessons with a difference from the School of Life. This collection of short videos has plenty to think about and tries to answer many big questions about human beings and our relationships. Not all the videos are serious however – you can also find out why it’s important to dance like an idiot! Subtitles are available if you need some extra help and there are also links to further reading if you’d like to learn more.


For Working on Different English Skills: BBC Learning English 

This site has videos to help with every area of your studies. If you want to learn some new idioms, prepare for exams or improve your vocabulary, each short clip is packed with tips and advice. With new videos uploaded every day, you can make this site part of your daily learning routine. Once you have watched a video, you can do some follow up exercises on the website.


For Everyone: ASAP Science

You don’t have to be a science expert to enjoy these videos. ASAP science has a collection of weird and wonderful videos that focus on everyday topics such as how to improve your sleep or which dairy alternative milk is best for you. The speakers talk quickly but there are lots of diagrams, illustrations and demonstrations to help you follow. As always, subtitles can also be switched on to help you, if you need to give your ears a break.  


For Relaxing at Home: Learn English with TV series

Watching TV or film clips can be great for improving your English in a fun and entertaining way. The best thing about this YouTube channel is that it includes clips from popular programmes and explains the informal phrases or slang words to help you follow the story. Look at their popular list for shows like Friends and films like Harry Potter.


For Those Who Can’t Decide What to Watch: Video Zone

If you love watching YouTube videos in English but don’t know where to start looking for them, the British Council has done the hard work for you. Check out their Video Zone page which is updated on a monthly basis with interesting videos for those of B2 and C1 English level. Topics range from sport, food, psychology and nature so there’s something for everyone!


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