In this new age of Zoom-life, our worlds have been transported online. Quizzes, parties and of course… learning! And what at first seemed somewhat daunting and unfamiliar to many, has actually proven to be extremely popular, no more so than our Online Foreign Language Courses.

We offer online classes in 11 foreign languages, from beginners to advanced levels, including one-to-one, private group and conversation classes too. Students can choose from: Arabic; French; German; Greek; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Mandarin; Portuguese; Russian and Spanish. We have classes starting every few weeks and are always delighted to welcome new students and share our passion for languages with them.


How do the classes work?


So what is an online language course actually like? How does it compare to a face-to-face lesson? What happens during an online class? We understand that those new to online learning may have many questions. So, to stop the guessing and wondering, let’s take a look at a class in action!

The video below was recorded during an online Italian class. Our lessons take place via Zoom and students are sent login details and passwords before the start of the course. The students in the video are a few weeks into their beginners course. The topic of this lesson is ‘il ristorante‘ (the restaurant) and students cover a mixture of vocabulary, grammar revision, listening, reading, comprehension, speaking and pronunciation. You’ll notice that the teacher primarily speaks in Italian – this technique is used in all of our language courses in order to get students used to hearing and understanding the language as quickly as possible. 


Example online lesson



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If you’d like to find out more about our online courses you can contact us via or visit the Foreign Languages section of our website. You can also read more articles about our online classes on our blog:


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