Recruitment process at IH London

At each stage of the recruitment process we assess how your experience, skills and qualifications meet the requirements of the role.

We also look for alignment between our company vision and culture and those of the individuals seeking a role at IH London.

Our recruitment and selection process includes 3 or 4  key recruitment stages

  1. Assessment of the written application by a member of the HR Team
  2. Assessment of the written application by the Head of Department for which we are recruiting
  3. Panel interview
  4. Second panel interview for managerial appointment

Our helpful tips for new applicants

Deciding on your next career move is a big decision and at IH London we expect individuals to have thought about the reasons why a role at IH London is the right one for them.

Our recruitment strategy is focused on identifying talent who will contribute to the success of our business. To achieve this we have implemented a structured recruitment process. We believe this process will assist us in assessing if the candidate is the best person for the role and for the individual to assess if we are the right career opportunity for them.

We typically look for applicants who demonstrate drive, the ability to achieve great results and the willingness to make a difference.

How can someone best prepare for the recruitment process?

The aim of our recruitment process is to identify high performers who demonstrate our core values and can bring that little something extra to IH London.

A well-constructed CV and a cover letter which details how you meet the criteria detailed in the person specification and expresses your interest in the role for which you are applying are crucial. Coming to interview with a strong understanding of our organisation and how you meet the requirements of the role you’re applying for are also essential.

Contact the HR team

Would you like to know more about a role or working at IH London? Contact the HR team who will be happy to help. 



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