Advance your teaching career

The Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the highest qualification available for English language teachers.

A Delta sets you apart as an advanced teacher. It shows you are dedicated to both your students’ learning and your own.

With a Delta you can step up to senior positions and new opportunities, including Teacher Trainer, Director of Studies and author teaching materials.

Three steps to become an advanced teacher

To complete the full Delta, you will need complete three modules:

  1. Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching
  2. Developing professional practice
  3. Extending Practice and ELT Specialist (or you can choose English Language Teaching Management)

Study to suit your schedule

We know you are already a busy teacher, so we offer a variety of different ways for you to study for the Delta, including Distance Delta and face-to-face options. IH London is the only school to run Distance Delta in partnership with the British Council.

Modules can be booked together or taken individually. Booking together in a package offers the best value for you.

You will receive a certificate after each module to show your progress.

Even if you have already taken a module with another school, you can book your remaining modules with IH London.

Apply now and pay later

We don’t take payment until your application is accepted. There is a written assignment and an interview as part of the application process, because the course is equivalent in level to a Master’s degree.

Your successful application is then valid for a year, so you can apply now and then book on a date that suits you.

Simply pick the Delta course that fits into your schedule.

Please note:

Distance Delta is run in partnership with the British Council and will link out to a bespoke website for booking. 

Module 3 ELT Management can only be booked separately and is not part of any package.

Choose your Delta