How to apply for your Delta

Requirements and application guide for Delta. Only pay once your application is accepted.

There is a written assignment as part of the application task because the Delta diploma is equivalent in level to a Master's degree. We don’t take payment until your Delta application is accepted.

This is an advanced course, so you will need to already have your CELTA (alternative qualifications may be considered) and have a minimum of two years’ teaching experience.

Your successful application is then valid for a year, so you can apply now and then book on a date that suits you.

For face-to-face modules and packages, download the IH London Delta application form, complete and email to 

For online modules and packages, apply at

The Distance Delta programme and website is jointly run by IH London and The British Council. You can contact with any queries.

Is a Delta worth it? 

A Delta sets you apart as an advanced practitioner. A Delta allows you to advance your career by moving to senior school roles, becoming an ELT author, and working on projects with schools around the world.

This what our Delta graduates had to say:

Gabriela, IH London Delta graduate: “This was an absolutely fascinating course. I learnt so much and felt privileged to be trained by such knowledgeable and experienced teachers. Their sessions were brilliant as was their feedback and guidance. Apart from all this, the course reminded me and reaffirmed my love of teaching.”

Helen, IH London Delta graduate: “The environment, course arrangement, input, advice and support was of the highest quality and exceeded my expectations.”

Contact IH London with your Delta queries

If you have any questions about the Delta or which Delta route is right for you, simply contact us on Our Delta teacher training experts are always happy to talk to potential Delta candidates to guide you through the process.