Level 12 of the Arabic language course requires that you have previously studied Arabic for at least 132 class hours.

Evening language classes at IH London are dynamic and interactive. Your teacher speaks in the target language and uses teaching aids to help you understand. Emphasis is on spoken communication and interaction; this is achieved through pair and group work, simulations and role-plays, and is supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.



Course content

Communicative aims
Introduction of journalistic texts; Writing formally and informally including CV and postcards.

Linguistic aims
Focus on formal and informal Arabic expressions, word order, and cohesive links.

Cultural aspects
Tips for the workplace in the Middle-East.



Arabic evening language class information

Average class size 8 – 10 (maximum 14)
Minimum student age for Arabic evening classes – 18 years +
Language level for Arabic evening language programme: 132 class hours of previous Arabic language study required



Arabic evening language class schedule

Arabic class length is 2 hours per week
Course runs for 6 weeks
The course takes place on weekday evenings 18.30 – 20.30


Thursdays 14/11/2019 – 19/12/2019
Mondays 24/02/2020 – 30/03/2020
Tuesdays 19/05/2020 – 23/06/2020
Wednesdays 19/08/2020 – 23/09/2020
Thursdays 12/11/2020 – 17/12/2020



Arabic evening language programme includes

Lesson summaries, notes and resources online
Support and advice from Arabic language teachers


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