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The Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is the highest qualification for English language teachers offered by language schools.

Delta training options to suit you

We offer a variety of different ways for you to study for the Delta, including Distance Delta and face-to-face options, so you can study to suit your schedule.

Delta modules can be booked together or individually. Booking together in a package offers the best value for you. With any of our Delta packages, we help you prepare for your course with a pre-course task and targeted reading so that you make the most of your study time.

You will receive a Cambridge Delta Certificate after successful completion of each module. You need to complete all three modules to receive your full Cambridge Delta Diploma. 

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Delta Course Fees 2023




The face-to-face Delta 123 is a full-time course for teachers who want to immerse themselves in their studies. It covers materials for all three modules. 

Before your course starts you will be asked to complete Delta Preparation Tasks and readings.

During your face-to-face course you will attend daily sessions on teaching methodology and techniques, illustrated with demonstrations and materials. You will be trained by expert IH London Delta trainers who will inspire and support you to develop your teaching. You can also watch our experienced teachers in their classrooms. In the afternoons there are teaching, reflection and feedback sessions.

Delta 123 is designed as an intensive course with assignment writing and lesson planning in the evenings and at weekends.

By the end of the course will have completed Module 2, the largest Delta module. You will have studied for the Module 1 exam, which you can take in the following June or December. You will have all the information you need for the Module 3 assignment and you can submit a draft for feedback after the course. You can submit your module 3 assignment to Cambridge assessment in June or December. This gives you flexibility to adjust the intensity of the course to match your needs.

Course length

 8 weeks

Course dates

16 September to 08 November 2024

M1 exam may be taken in June or December at IH London.

M3 assignment may be submitted electronically in June or December.

External candidates can register for entry 2 months beforehand.

The Blended Delta offers the best of both, combining online modules with a face-to-face Module 2.

You have the flexibility to study for Modules 1 and 3 online with The Distance Delta, and you get the benefit of being part of our school in Covent Garden in London for the practical Module 2.

Taking Module 1 on our fully tutored online Delta course, in partnership with the British Council, means you can read and study in your own time and around your work and life commitments.

The studying you do for Module 1 will prepare you for a face-to-face Module 2 at IH London where you will get the opportunity to experience a focussed intensive course away from other distractions. We provide the students for you to teach in our multilingual classes and you will be tutored by excellent and inspiring trainers.

For Module 3 you return to an online course, which is a good way to have support through the stages of this extended assignment module. You can work closely with your tutor and study group.

Course length

9 – 12 months

Start dates

03 March 2024 to 08 December 2024 or 28 February 2025

01 September 2024 to 09 June 2025 or 29 August 2025


The most flexible way to study for your Delta. Distance Delta allows you to become an advanced teacher around your busy schedule.

IH London is the only school to offer The Distance Delta in partnership with the British Council.

Distance Delta allows you to stay in your current teaching role, in your school and study alongside work, for all three modules of the Delta. With this Integrated Programme, all three modules are studied concurrently and you are supported throughout by your tutor and study group.

The course is carefully programmed with specific tasks and schedules, deadlines and achievable goals to help you manage your time and learning.

Start dates

03 March 2024 to 08 December 2024

19 August 2024 to 08 June 2025


Any of the Delta modules can be taken separately. Even if you have already completed a module with another school, you can study your remaining modules with IH London. Before your course starts you will be asked to complete Delta Preparation Tasks and readings. 

Delta module



Module 1 Online (14 weeks) 03 March 2024 to 05 June 2024

01 September 2024 to 04 December 2024

Module 2 Face-to-face full time (7 weeks)  08 January 2024 to 23 February 2024

15 July 2024 to 30 August 2024

Module 2 Online (8 months) 03 March 2024 to 24 November 2024

19 August 2024 to 25 May 2025

Module 3 Online (14 weeks) 03 March 2024 to 09 June 2024

01 September 2024 to 08 December 2024

Alternative or additional Module 3: ELT Management Online (14 weeks) 03 March 2024 to 09 June 2024

01 September 2024 to 08 December 2024

Module 2

This is the largest part of your Delta and it has the greatest impact on your professional career. It is where you create a portfolio of your best teaching and essays to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of English, of the learners, the materials and methodology.

Choose a face-to-face course if you want a focussed experience of daily interaction with expert tutors who can bring concepts to life, show you new ideas and share their experience with you. You can take Module 2 face-to-face on a full-time course at IH London. We offer specialist M2 courses, or you can join a M123 course and just enrol for the Module 2 part. Contact us to discuss your options.

Or choose Distance Delta Module 2 to study more extensively alongside work and be assessed teaching your own students.

It is best to take your Module 1 first to get the most from your course and help you prepare for the practical Module 2.

How to apply for your Delta

Apply below for Face-to-face Delta courses (Delta 123 or Delta Module 2) or contact for more information on the face-to-face Delta.

To apply for our individual Online modules, Distance Delta 123 or the Blended Delta 123 go to

After you apply, if the application is successful, we offer you a place. Your successful application is valid for a year. You can apply now, then book and pay for the course later.

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