Learn English as you Explore London 


This course is designed for International adults age 30 and over, who want to learn or improve their English, while exploring London and making new friends from all over the world. 

Lessons are based on the top floors of our school and you’ll have special access to the Executive Centre coffee lounge with its panoramic views of London.  


Hours per week 

Lessons: 15 per week
Lessons time: 13 hours 45 minutes per week

Bank holidays

There will be no lessons taking place on UK Bank Holidays when the school will be closed.  Fees are not pro rata for weeks where bank holidays take place

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Lessons are based on a range of relevant and motivating material with a focus on speaking and communication.  

Lessons will include a focus on: 

  • Topics such as travel, transport, food, culture, shopping, city life and current news. 
  • Language for asking for information, giving opinions, joining a discussion 
  • Vocabulary on a wide variety of topics to improve your confidence 
  • Reading a range of texts including news articles, tourism and subjects of everyday interest   
  • Listening to authentic texts to improve live listening skills 
  • Writing skills such as posting online reviews in English 

There are 2 half-day activities each week, including theatre trips, walking tours of London, traditional afternoon tea, museums, galleries, English gardens and wine bars.

By the end of the course you will…

  • Feel more confident about communicating in English
  • Be part of a community of international friends
  • Know more about London and British culture
  • Be able to tell your friends and family about your London experience and have many special memories to take home
  • Have improved your English across all four skills
    – listening, reading, writing and speaking
    (including pronunciation)
  • Access to the student portal
  • Opportunities to attend additional free English lessons with trainees
  • Social activity programme  – see our weekly calendar for more details and prices
  • A level certificate to add to your CV
  • Access to the library and computers
  • Free wifi

*By the end of the course you will be better able to… 

Spoken Interaction ·        Communicate confidently in discussions, debates and  conversations on a range of topics

·        Participate in discussions involving multiple speakers

·        Use and understand features of connected speech.

·        Use functional phrases to hold a natural sounding conversation

Spoken  Production ·        Use a wide range of vocabulary to talk about  issues

·        Use colloquial phrases when speaking                                                                      

·        Use features of connected speech in rapid speech

·        Use different strategies to negotiate meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary


Listening ·        Follow an extended conversation or long speech

·        Decode the meaning of some difficult or unfamiliar language

·        Follow listenings which involve multiple speakers

·        Recognise features of connected speech.


Writing ·        Write about familiar topics using features of discourse

·        Write a range of texts in order to communicate and convey my personal opinions and ideas, such as a social media / blog posts/ restaurant reviews

·        Write formally to request information or make a complaint






Life Skills


·        Read a range of authentic texts from different types of media appreciating the differences in style

·        Use techniques to predict the meaning of difficult vocabulary

·        Summarise what you have read to inform your response


·        Use critical thinking skills to analyse information

·        Express your opinions and reflect on responses

·        Plan and prepare projects, events, outings

·        Understand British culture



 *Some course outcomes may vary depending on your starting level of English and personal learning goals. 

You can view the Sample timetable here for the English Experience for over 30’s

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