Prepare for the Academic IELTS test with an accredited IELTS test centre 


Learn the language and skills to move you up the IELTS scale before you take the test. Suitable for all learners, intermediate and above. 

You will learn expert techniques needed to move you up the IELTS scale before you take the test. IELTS classes run at differing levels ensuring you study according to your ability and pace. Study short term, long term and online with regular start dates offered.  

Booking your IELTS exam 

We are an accredited exam centre, so we will book your exam for you, and you can sit it at the school. Many of our teachers have extensive assessment experience so they know how to teach for the best results.  

You can book your IELTS test online or use our in-school service to book your test. The IELTS test fee is not included in the preparation course fees.  


Hours per week  

Lessons: 15 or 20 per week 
Lesson time: 15 lessons = 13 hours 45 minutes, 20 lessons = 18 hours 20 minutes per week 

Bank holidays 

There will be no lessons taking place on UK Bank Holidays when the school will be closed. Fees are not pro rata for weeks where bank holidays take place. 


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IELTS Academic focuses on language development to improve your English level, before you take the IELTS. The aim is to move you up the scale before you take the test.

During the course you will:

  • Cover all parts of the exam and be given strategies, techniques and advice on how to achieve the score you need
  • Complete a full practice test under exam conditions and get individual feedback from your teacher
  • Study each part of the exam and have regular tests to see your progress
  • Practise speaking using a wide range of language used in the exam
  • Develop your writing skills and learn how to analyse data and texts to help you write
    more accurately
  • Listen to different talks, lectures, programmes and conversations
  • Read a wide range of academic and exam style texts such as reports and academic articles
  • Increase your grammar and vocabulary range to help you improve your score

You will be placed in a class with people of a similar language level as you.

This course is for students who want to improve their English language level across all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in advance of taking the IELTS test, and learn techniques for the test in order to achieve their best result.

By the end of this course you will… 

  • Understand the IELTS Academic exam
  • Feel more confident when you take the exam
  • Use a range of academic language and communicate more fluently
  • Use strategies and techniques to help improve all four skills – listening, reading, writing, speaking
  • Think critically and express your opinions in both written and spoken English
  • A certificate with your new English level
  • Achieve your best score in the IELTS exam

What can I do next?

  • Book and take your IELTS exam at IH London. We are an accredited test centre. Face-to-face and computer-based IELTS exam options.
  • Use your new English skills for study, work and travel
  • Apply to higher education
  • Get that promotion or start a new career

Choose to combine this course with

IELTS Test Technique. A one week booster course focused solely on technique to take just before your exam.

  • 15 or 20 group lessons with your teacher and classmates
  • A wide range of motivating materials, including digital resources and coursebooks
  • Access to our online learning platform and a range of self-study materials 
  • Regular targeted support from your teacher to help you achieve your learning goals
  • Mock test experience to best prepare you for the exam  
  • Opportunities to attend additional free English lessons with trainees
  • Social activity programme  – see our weekly calendar for more details and prices
  • Access to the library and computers
  • Exam fees are not included in the course price

*By the end of the course you will be better able to… 

Spoken Interaction   

  • Express opinions and develop arguments to hold a long conversation or discussion  
  • Communicate more confidently in discussions, debates and conversations  
  • Take part in group discussions as well as long turns  
  • Respond to questions using a appropriate language register 

Spoken Production  

  • Use a range of formal and informal phrases and expressions   
  • Organise ideas and quickly be able to express ideas on different topics that may occur in the exam 
  • Use strategies to negotiate the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary   
  • Use more complex grammar to express ideas and negotiate outcomes  Use spoken discourse to logically present your ideas 
  • Evaluate and self-correct your speaking 



  • Listen and understand the main points of academic talks and lectures  
  • Use a range of techniques follow a long text and identify key information  
  • Use decoding skills to predict the meaning of unknown vocabulary 
  • Follow the main points when there are multiple speakers 



  • Write paragraphs using topic sentences and discourse markers  
  • Structure an essay so there is cohesion   
  • Write clear paragraphs with sufficient supporting evidence   
  • Analyse data to write summaries   
  • Write more accurate sentences or paragraphs with awareness of how to connect the ideas  


  • Read academic texts for main details  
  • Read for detailed information in texts to answer exam style questions  
  • Make predictions about text content from headings, titles or headlines.  
  • Predict the meaning of unknown vocabulary 
  • Use a range of techniques follow a long text and identify key information 


 Life Skills   

  • Set learning goals and plan your personal progress  
  • Use critical thinking skills 
  • Apply study skills and strategies outside the classroom and after your course ends 

*Some course outcomes may vary depending on your starting level of English and personal learning goals.  

  • Monday – Friday
  • 15 lessons per week
  • 09.00 – 12.00 OR 13.15 – 16.15
  • Monday – Friday
  • 20 lessons per week
  • 09.00 – 12.00 & 12.15 – 13.10 OR 12.15 – 13.10 & 13.15 – 16.15
  1. Course selection
  2. Personal details
  3. Transfer
  4. Accommodation
  5. Insurance
  6. Confirm & pay

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