Gain bespoke training tailored to your individual requirements and benefit from one-to-one or one-to-two support from an experienced teacher trainer.

This course provides a safe space to experiment with teaching techniques, lesson shapes and styles. We provide the learners, the location/facilities, the materials and the expert tuition. In this purely developmental course, there is no assessment or judgement: the focus is on growth and improvement. Participants can buy a ‘package’: there is a minimum of one mentoring ‘cycle’, but you can buy two to five cycles.

One mentoring cycle is 2.5 hours (45 mins needs analysis and planning; 60 minutes lesson; 45 minutes feedback and creating an action plan). These elements can be the same day or spread across different days

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for CELTA-qualified teachers who would like further support, developmental suggestions and guidance from an experienced tutor. This course would be particularly useful for teachers who are working in private tutoring and have no access to a staffroom or colleagues; as well as teachers who have not worked much as a teacher since getting the CELTA qualification and therefore lack confidence in applying for teaching roles; or those who trained online and would like classroom experience, or vice versa. The course can also be a springboard to further ELT qualifications: those thinking of doing the level 6 Trinity CertPT or level 7 Cambridge Delta can get feedback on their suitability for these high level courses. 

Participants will be allocated an experienced teacher trainer to mentor them. Each mentoring cycle includes: 

  • pre-lesson planning support and guidance from the tutor, using published ELT materials; 
  • setting goals for an observation and being observed teaching a 60-minute lesson to a group of learners (either face-to-face or online); 
  • tutor feedback on aspects of the teaching and learning within the observed lesson; 
  • co-developing a set of goals/an action plan for continuing and future development 

Take this course to be able to:

  • Consolidate and increase confidence in delivering a lesson 
  • Plan and deliver a lesson with stronger understanding of the principles involved in teaching and lesson design 
  • Create an action plan for future development in ELT 
  • Enhance knowledge of lesson approaches and teaching techniques 

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