This course is aimed at students interested in taking the CILS B1 Citizenship exam which is required for gaining Italian Citizenship.  



The Preparation Course 

The B1 Citizenship course requires a previous knowledge of the Italian language at B1 level. 

Lessons take place face-to-face, once a week, on Wednesdays (6:30-8:30) for 6 weeks at our school.

The course also requires self-study time between sessions.  

Each course must reach a minimum number of 4 students to be confirmed to run.

Students are required to have completed the equivalent of 180 hours of one-to-one or group classes to before taking the course. If you are unsure of your level, you can take our level test to verify your existing language knowledge.

Pre-Course Level Test


What will I learn? 

During the course you will: 

– practise written and oral exercises on mock tests 

– focus on the main grammatical parts  

– analyze the strategies to be used in the exam 

– review basic and necessary vocabulary to be used in texts and conversations 

– produce and understand written texts, both formal and informal  



You can find the official syllabus for the B1 Citizenship exam from the University of Siena on this link:  


Why should I do this course? 

With this course:

– you will have the opportunity to practice similar tasks to the exam 

– you will be more confident when you take the exam  

– you will be able to anticipate problems  


What’s included? 

– materials based on past examinations and mock tests  

– materials with grammatical focus, based on the syllabus  

– thematic vocabulary  

– support on writing and important tips with hints and errors to avoid  


Course Schedule


  • Classes will take place at our school in Covent Garden (16 Stukeley Street, Holborn, London WC2B 5LQ) 
  • The course takes place on Wednesday evenings 18:30 – 20:30
  • The possible options for this course are as follows:


5th June – 10th July (to prepare for the exam on 18th July. Exam registration deadline – 18th June) 

21st August – 25th September  (to prepare for the exam on 17th October. Exam registration deadline – 17th September)

2nd October – 6th November (to prepare for the exam on 5th December. Exam registration deadline – 26th October)



The fee for our 6-week preparatory course is £198. 
This fee is for the course only and is separate from the exam fee. 


Need assistance choosing your course?

Take a look at our FAQs page which has lots of information about our classes.

FAQs – Foreign Languages

The Exam 

Italian B1 Citizenship – CILS B1 CITTADINANZA 

The B1 Citizenship exam is aimed at adults, living in Italy or abroad, interested in obtaining Italian citizenship (Law 1 December 2018, no. 132). 

This exam certifies competence with reference to the autonomous learner profile of the CEFR and therefore tests the linguistic communicative skills needed to use the Italian language appropriately in contexts and communicative situations relating to life in Italy, in the personal sphere, in public contexts, at work and in training. 

Those who possess this level of competence can understand the essential points of a clearly articulated speech in standard Italian, to read written texts that they encounter most frequently in everyday life and in communicative situations in Italian. Oral and written production is communicatively effective, even if it contains errors. 

Having specific objectives, the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam has a different construct and format from the CILS UNO B1 exam. In particular, the B1 Cittadinanza describes a much more limited portion of competence than the standard B1 and for this reason it has a spendability limited to citizenship purposes only. This exam does not cover working and academic aims.   

The CILS UNO-B1 Cittadinanza has to be passed in full: if candidates fail one part of the exam, they have to do the whole exam again. 

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Italian Exams

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