An online course to develop your knowledge and understanding of IELTS and how to teach the skills your students need


There are four modules and you can book the full course, or book and pay for one module at a time.

Course outline

The course is moderated by an experienced online tutor who is also an experienced IELTS teacher. The lessons are released on a weekly basis, and you are expected to complete all the required tasks for each lesson within the week.

Collaborative tasks mean you work together with other online participants, and Discussion Forum tasks encourage you to explore some of the concepts discussed in more depth. Your tutor will play an active role in the Discussion Forums and provide help and guidance.

In addition, you will have classroom experiment tasks, which ask you to try out some of the ideas with your classes, and Reflective Journal tasks, where you analyse and explore the module contents with personalised, one-to-one support from your course tutor.

An active participation rate of 80% is a course requirement (active participation in Discussion forums and completion of required tasks).

As well as the online study notes, each module provides you with resources for teaching, and includes filmed teaching clips as well as interviews with teachers and students.


Teaching IELTS Writing 

  1. An Introduction to the IELTS Writing exam and public descriptors
  2. Approaches to writing and feedback on student writing
  3. Preparing students for Task One
  4. Preparing students for Task Two

Teaching IELTS Speaking 

  1. The format of the IELTS Speaking exam and how it is assessed
  2. Difficulties teachers and students have with the Speaking exam
  3. Activities to develop your students’ speaking skills
  4. Practising the Speaking exam

Teaching IELTS Listening 

  1. An introduction to the IELTS Listening exam
  2. Problems students have with the Listening exam
  3. How to develop your students’ listening skills
  4. Practical activities to prepare your students for the exam

Teaching IELTS Reading

  1. An introduction to the IELTS Reading exam
  2. Problems students have with the Reading exam
  3. How to develop students’ reading skills
  4. Practical activities to prepare your students for the exam. 

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