Adrian Underhill: Pronunciation and Performance

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  • Course length: 1 week
  • Dates: 15-19 July 2019
  • Times: 09:00-13:00
  • English level required: B2+ recommended
  • Fees: £675

Adrian Underhill newCourse outline

There are two strands to this practical programme:

  1. Develop your own pronunciation at the level of sounds, words and connected speech. Learn to feel and sense what you are doing in your mouth so that you can critique and change your pronunciation as much as you wish, and help your learners to do the same. 
  2. Develop your performance skills through presentation and storytelling, to bring about listener engagement and enjoyment through your use of stress, intonation, voice tone, pause and fluency and body language.

At the same time, you will enjoy a complete workout with the Sound Foundations chart, as well as constant feedback to gain confidence and personalise a range of teaching techniques.

A practical, experiential, enjoyable and fully active week:


  • Introducing the Sound Foundations chart as map of the pronunciation territory
  • The physicality of sounds, connecting with the muscles that make the difference,
  • Your own pronunciation and being yourself
  • Selecting your choice of presentation


  • Connecting sounds into words. Stress, unstress, energy distribution
  • Connecting words (and disappearing syllables) in the stream of speech.
  • Selecting your presentation piece, initial rehearsal considerations
  • Pronunciation teaching techniques that combine success and pleasure


  • Teaching and learning vocabulary through pronunciation and stress.
  • Your personal presence, pronunciation, and performance
  • Rhythm and intonation in connected speech
  • Master classes including feedback for performance rehearsals


  • How do you present yourself through your spoken communication? (in class, in school, in public, to friends)
  • Developing your impact through voice tone, pause, fluency, slowness, body language. and speaking from the heart
  • Presentations and storytelling for engagement and delight.
  • Master classes including feedback for performance rehearsals


  • Festival of stories and performances
  • Feedback and discussions
  • Celebration

Performance:You can choose either a poem or short story which I will preselect and offer you, or any short presentation of your own design which you‘d like to develop, rehearse, prepare

Note: The whole week is practical, experiential, and fully active.

Trainer biography

Adrian is an ELT Consultant and Trainer and worked for many years at International House Hastings as a trainer and Director. Adrian is an author and the series editor of the MacMillan Books for Teachers. He is well known for his book Sound Foundations and his inspiring talks on how to understand the phonemic chart. His pronunciation chart was developed into an app for students and teachers and won an industry award. Adrian takes a holistic approach to teaching and teacher training and is a frequent conference speaker.


Underhill, A. (1980). Use your dictionary. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Underhill, A. (2002). Macmillan English Dictionary Workbook. Oxford: Macmillan Education.

Underhill, A. (2005). Sound Foundations: Learning and Teaching Pronunciation. MacMillan Books for Teachers.

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Adrian Underhill: Pronunciation and Performance

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