Bespoke CPD programmes

Bespoke CPD

We provide professional development programmes ranging in scope and complexity, from initial teacher training qualifications, through to high level academic management strategies.

Our clients include state and private schools, teaching associations, education ministries and government departments.

We can deliver specially adapted training solutions from as few as five trainees in a closed group for one week. We are equally able to provide large-scale, longer-term programmes leading to internationally recognised teaching qualifications for large numbers of teachers, teacher trainers and managers.

All of the courses in this brochure can be offered to your organisation as closed-group programmes, adapted to your specific teaching context.

These programmes can be delivered in London, in your school or training centre, or blended with online modules.

We can vary the blend according to your requirements, and our most popular programmes include:

  • Methodology
  • English language development
  • Teaching skills
  • Teaching for exam success (e.g. Teachers of IELTS)
  • Curriculum development
  • Materials design
  • Testing & assessment
  • Observation and feedback

What's involved

  1. Needs analysis: Identify short-term and long-term objectives for the training
  2. Observation and information gathering: Evaluate current teaching practices through focus groups, observation and interviews in your organisation
  3. Training proposal: We provide an outline of the course content we recommend, along with mode of delivery
  4. Programme delivery
  5. Assessment and feedback

This process is underpinned by continual monitoring and evaluation of IH delivery.

We also recommend post-training evaluations to track progress beyond the programme to measure impact and effectiveness of training, and to gauge your return on investment.

Find out more

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