Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) - 20 lessons/week


This course combines study for the C1 Advanced (CAE) exam with extra Special Focus classes on a specific area of English you need to improve.

The course helps students practise English language skills and the exam techniques needed to pass the Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) exam.

Course details

  • Minimum language level: C1
  • Course length: 10 weeks
  • Maximum class size: 14
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Lesson time a week: 18 hours 20 minutes
  • Lessons a week: 20
  • Lesson times: 12:15-13:10 and 13:15-16:15
  • Lesson days: Monday to Friday
  • Cost: £2,400
  • Start dates: 15 October 2018; 1 January, 1 April, 7 October 2019

Who is the course for?

This intensive course is for students who want to gain an internationally recognised advanced General English qualification, with additional lessons on a specific area of English. The C1 Advanced (CAE) will help students wishing to apply to a British university or who want to teach English to others.

Course objectives

This course fully prepares you for the Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE) exam. It also allows you to take extra Special Focus classes to study a language area you feel needs more attention. 

It will help you develop language skills that will help you gain a qualification that demonstrates an advanced level of English. It can be used for university and student applications in the UK and Australia. 

The Cambridge Preparation 20 C1 Advanced (CAE) programme will provide you with all the exam techniques you need for each section of the exam, and you will become more confident and accurate in using the language you have learnt.

Course content

Lessons are based around topic work, a dedicated exam course book and other materials.

You will learn and practise important new language relevant to the C1 Advanced (CAE) exam, with regular support from teaching staff, as well as advice on self-study.

This course offers an additional five lessons a week on top of the exam preparation classes. These allow you the chance to gain more knowledge and experience in a particular area of language study. Options may include: 

  • Speaking & Listening
  • Speaking & Vocabulary
  • Speaking & Writing
  • Speaking & Reading

You will:

  • Be given the exam techniques and test-taking strategies that you need to pass the exam
  • Have a full practice exam during the course and receive feedback and advice from your teacher
  • Discuss and debate a wide range of topics to improve your fluency and accuracy
  • Write about various topics with appropriate style and language
  • Follow complex listenings which involve multiple speakers
  • Develop your key skills by reading a variety of challenging texts
  • Extend your range of language to help in each part of the exam.


Please note, the Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE) exam fee of £150 is not included in the course price. To book a Cambridge exam, please see our Cambridge exam dates and fees page.

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Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) - 20 lessons/week

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