Classroom Skills for Teaching Young Learners - includes CLIL

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Classroom Skills for Teaching Young Learners focuses on techniques and methodology, including CLIL, which will help you to implement your teaching plans more effectively.

On this course you will gain a deeper understanding of classroom management techniques and develop ways of introducing and practising new language, and of encouraging learner independence. 

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Course details

  • English level required:Minimum B2
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Minimum course size: 4
  • Maximum course size: 15
  • Lesson days: Monday to Friday
  • Cost: £745 (2 weeks)
  • Course length: 2 weeks
  • Study hours: 27 hours 30 minutes
  • Course dates: 7 January - 18 January; 15 July - 26 July
  • Lesson times: 13:15 to 16:15

Who is the course for?

You should choose this course if you teach English to 5 to 10 year olds as part of the general curriculum in primary school. It may also be valuable to teachers with limited experience of teaching English in primary schools but who are looking to expand their knowledge.

You'll need a B2 upper intermediate (CEFR) level of English or higher to take this course. If you're not sure of your English level, please take our English level test.  

Course objectives

By the end of the course you will have:

  • developed and raised awareness of methodology related to teaching 5 to 11 year-olds
  • been introduced to a variety of practical teaching activities and materials
  • improved your classroom management skills
  • focused on issues relating to discipline and motivation 
  • improved your language skills in relation to teaching primary school children
  • experienced a variety of media for teaching young learners

Course content

You will focus on techniques and methodology including CLIL which allow you to implement your teaching plans more effectively. Your course group will negotiate the course content with the tutor, based on the needs of the group. Content can include:

  • CLIL
  • effective use of classroom language
  • effective classroom management techniques
  • exploiting materials and activities (storytelling, games, songs)
  • ways of introducing and practising new language
  • encouraging learner independence
  • motivating primary school children
  • maintaining discipline

Sample course programme

Classroom Skills for Teaching Young Learners sample programme

Click on the image above; the file opens in a new window. 

What our students say

  • Each session was very useful for me. I learnt a lot about methodology. The course was very productive and useful. Our tutor was very good and helpful
  • I am glad I’ve taken this course and I’m definitely coming back in the near future. It’ll help a lot in my career. Our tutor was also very friendly and helpful
  • The course was very interesting and useful. International House London is a very good school and I will recommend it to my friends

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Classroom Skills for Teaching Young Learners - includes CLIL

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