IH Certificate in Practical Teaching Skills


This course is for institutions that want to provide professional development for their English language teachers. Teachers study alongside their usual teaching schedules.

The course dates are organised in discussion with the organisation, depending on the group’s requirements.

Course details

  • Minimum English level: B1
  • Duration: 16 weeks
  • Cost: POA
  • Study hours: 60 hours (online) and face-to-face teaching practice
  • Delivery: Online and face-to-face

Course outline

There are two components to the course: The Training Course (online) and The Teaching Practice Course (face-to-face). The organisation can choose to run one of the course parts or both.

The Training Course is a tutored online course for in-service teachers. It combines study materials and classroom tasks to develop practical teaching skills in the context where the teachers are working. The course materials include study notes, tasks, filmed teaching clips, interviews and tips. The tutor supports and discusses topics with the participants in forums. Assessment is through participation and assessed tasks. 

The Teaching Practice Course is run face-to-face at your institution. It is a programme of observation of the teachers and feedback on their lessons. This helps the teachers to improve their skills. Assessment is through submitted lesson plans and teaching.

Online topics

  • Teacher and learner beliefs about how languages are learned
  • Classroom management and the role of the teacher
  • Language analysis: teaching and checking meaning
  • Lesson planning
  • Ways to teach language
  • Principles behind the Communicative Approach and classroom activities
  • Teaching the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
  • Lexis and Functional Language

Find out more

For more information about the course, to receive a quote or to register your organisation in the programme, please contact us.