Language Development and Teaching Skills

lang dev tt skills

Develop your own knowledge and use of English.

Course details

  • Minimum English Level:A2
  • Maximum course size: 15
  • Course hours: 27 hours, 30 minutes
  • Lesson days: Monday to Friday
  • Start dates: 01 – 12 July
  • Course lenght: 2 weeks
  • Cost: £745

Who is the course for?

For English teachers who wish to develop their own knowledge and use of English for classroom teaching and for life outside the classroom. You will also be exposed to new ideas for teaching that you can take back to your classroom.

Course objectives

  • To develop awareness of English language for teaching purposes
  • To improve accuracy of classroom language
  • To practise using classroom language and receive feedback
  • To further develop an understanding of classroom principles and techniques
  • To explore how you can take what you have learnt back to your teaching context
  • To share ideas and experiences with fellow teachers and network with professionals from other countries

Course outline

Language skills you will learn:

  • review and clarify grammatical areas
  • extend lexical range, e.g. phrasal verbs and idiomatic language
  • improve pronunciation at word and sentence level
  • develop reading and listening skills through the use of contemporary materials selected from TV, films, magazines/newspapers, songs and the internet.

Teaching skills you will learn:

  • classroom language for setting up and managing classroom activities
  • approaches and techniques for introducing and practising new language
  • techniques for correcting oral and written learner errors
  • evaluating, selecting and adapting published and authentic materials for classroom use
  • using different media
  • adapting teaching approaches and techniques to learners with specific needs and to different ages, e.g. business, teenagers.

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Language Development and Teaching Skills

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