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You can benefit from our amazing IH London teachers anywhere in the world, with our online English language lessons, or Virtual Language Coaching.

Book an online English lesson to practise before an important presentation or meeting, or to work towards an exam. Whatever your learning needs or objectives, our online English lessons deliver world-class English teachers to your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Anyone can benefit from an online English lesson with an IH London teacher, but we think it would be particularly useful for those about to study with us, or for students after they leave the school.


Before your course

Reactivate your English before you travel to IH London by taking One-to-One lessons via our virtual language coach. You can learn useful English to help you find your way with confidence and prepare for your arrival in London.

After your course

Don’t lose your fluency after you leave London. If you work with your virtual language coach once a week, you will have a better opportunity to maintain your level in English. You can also use your time together to prepare for interviews, meetings or exams.

How it works

  • Contact us using the enquiry form below giving as much detail about how many lessons you'd like, what your learning objectives are and what your technical set-up is 
  • We'll work out a priced proposal based on your initial requests and set up a time for your online lesson
  • We'll assess your current level and your individual needs and plan your course around you
  • We'll register you on Moodle and Google Docs so we can share course materials with you
  • The documents we share will help you with reading and writing skills (if needed), and oral input from our trainer will help you with speaking, listening and vocabulary, to give you more confidence and fluency in English
  • We can use Skype or another platform that you may be more familiar with

Book an online English course

Fill out our online English course enquiry form for more information about online courses and to book.