Part-time Delta Module 2 (15 weeks)

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Course closed now for 2019.

Module 2 Cambridge ESOL Diploma in English Language Teaching (Delta) focuses on Developing Professional Practice.

The face-to-face part-time Delta Module 2 course is designed for teachers who want to continue teaching at their school or college while they study for the Delta qualification.

The Delta is a Modular programme and you can complete the three modules in any order. Each Module is assessed separately.

You can take Module 2 whether or not you have already taken Module1.

The input sessions on theory and methodology are held at our London school. The teaching practice observations take place at your school with your own students. One of our Delta trainers will travel to your school for most London based locations. We are now also able to offer an online trainer option for the teaching practice observations where you video and upload your lesson using the software we provide for you.  

Candidates can choose to do all or part of the Delta programme at IH London.

Completing all three modules successfully will lead to the full Diploma award.

The Delta is accredited by Cambridge English and is level 7 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework.




Course details

  • Minimum English level: C2 advanced+
  • Minimum ELT training: ELT certificate such as CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL
  • Minimum ELT experience: 2 years
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Course dates: 2 February  - 10 May 2019
  • Lesson days: Wednesdays and 4 Saturdays
  • Lesson times: Wednesday 18:30 to 21:30; Saturday 10:00 to 16:00 
  • Course length: 15 weeks
  • Cost:£2,600 with face to face teaching observations in your school in Central London; £2,255 with filmed teaching observations in your school in any location

Who is the course for?

Delta Module 2 is for experienced teachers who are ready for the challenge of a Masters level qualification with an emphasis on the practical application of theory to classroom teaching. You will have at least two years of teaching experience. You need have the agreement of your school and at least one class of a minimum of 5 students attending for the observed teaching assessment weeks of the course.

We offer two options for how your lessons can be observed by the tutor.  Either, one of our Delta tutors comes to your school and observes, or you film your lessons to meet Cambridge requirements, and the Delta tutor observes the filmed lessons.

Course objectives

Module 2 looks at developing candidates further through focusing on classroom practice, deepening the understanding of language, skill, principles underlying methodologies and approaches. During the course you create a portfolio of assignments on which you are assessed. Assignments include background essays, lesson plans and observation of your teaching, and a self-reflection.

Course organisation

The course runs over 15 weeks and the weeks for the assessments are scheduled. A sample timetable is downloadable here:

The observations of your teaching take place at your school, with your own students.

For applicants outside Central London we may be able to provide a trainer to travel to your school with a £150 travel supplement depending on your location, or the option of our online tutor for the teaching observations. 

If you attend the face to face input sessions for the course and opt for an online tutor for the teaching observations where you film your teaching, the course costs are slightly lower at £2,255.




Apply for Delta course now to study later

You can apply for a Delta course at any time and, if offered a place, the offer is valid for up to a year after the date of acceptance.

To apply for this course, please follow the procedure below. Acceptance on to this course is dependent on the successful completion of the application tasks.  


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