Pre-CELTA Communicative Classroom Teaching

pre celta

Practical teaching skills for lower English level teachers.

Course details

  • Minimum English Level:B2
  • Maximum course size: 15
  • Lesson days: Monday to Friday
  • Start dates: 21 January – 01 February; 12- 23 August 
  • Course length: 50 hours (30 hours of input and assisted lesson planning, 20    hours of observed teaching practice, 10 hours of feedback) 
  • Cost: £995

Who is the course for?

For English teachers who are not yet ready for their CELTA, but who want to further develop their English for classroom teaching and practical teaching skills.

This course is also for teachers who are ready to receive feedback on their implementation of communicative approach techniques. Teaching practice will be simulated with multilingual, low-level students or through peer teaching.

Course objectives

  • To practise using English language for teaching purposes and get feedback on this 
  • To better understand principles and methodologies behind the communicative approach and to put these into practice while teaching
  • To experiment with different language teaching techniques to help students with meaning, form and pronunciation
  • To consider how to structure lessons in a logical way to meet learning outcomes 
  • To develop self-reflection skills and how to give and receive constructive feedback

Course outline

  • Key principles of the communicative approach and the theory behind them
  • Accurate and clear language for the classroom
  • Classroom management techniques and the task cycle 
  • Exploring different ways of presenting language – e.g. via texts, via tasks
  • How to check concepts involving the students 
  • Practising pronunciation with students 
  • Different types of practice – the cline of controlled to freer
  •  What does it mean to be a reflective teacher?

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