Introduction to Mandarin

Our 10 week Introduction to Mandarin course is ideal for students who have never studied the language before and want to ease their way in before taking the full plunge.

Classes go at a more relaxed pace than our Level 1 courses and are a great taster to the language. Upon completion, students to wish to continue can progress to level 2. 

Evening language classes at IH London are dynamic and interactive. Your teacher speaks in the target language and use teaching aids to help you understand. Emphasis is on spoken communication and interaction; this is achieved through pair and group work, simulations and role-plays, and is supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.


Course content

Our Introduction to Mandarin language course for beginners provides you with enough practical knowledge of the Mandarin language to communicate in simple everyday situations.

You will be taught by a native level Mandarin speaker and will focus on learning correct pronunciation.

You will focus on building up simple sentence structures and gaining confidence in speaking.

You will be helped to communicate in spoken Chinese within a beginner’s range of commonly encountered situations.

You will be introduced to “Hanzi” characters outlining stokes and structures.

You will focus on basic language aspects, including:

  • Greetings; introductions surnames and names

  • Talking about someone’s occupation

  • Talking about someone’s origins; describe the countries and cities

  • Numbers & currencies


Mandarin evening language class information

  • Average class size 8 - 10 (maximum 14)

  • Minimum student age for Mandarin evening classes - 18 years +


Mandarin evening language class schedule

  • Mandarin class length is 1.5 hours per week

  • Course runs for 10 weeks  

  • The Introduction to Mandarin course takes place Friday evenings 18.00 - 19.30

18 January – 22 March 2019

05 April – 21 June 2019

12 July – 13 September 2019

04 October – 06 December 2019


Mandarin evening language programme includes:

  • Lesson summaries, notes and resources online

  • Support and advice from Mandarin language teachers

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Introduction to Mandarin

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