Technology for Language Teachers

Make the most of digital resources.

Each day you will explore a different aspect of using digital resources in teaching English. The tutor will lead practical workshops and discussions based on an aspect of language teaching and learning with technology. It is a hands-on look at the potential of using technologies in your classroom.


Course details

  • Minimum English level: B2 upper intermediate 
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Maximum class size: 15
  • Lesson days: Monday to Friday
  • Cost: £750
  • Add on: This course can be booked as an add on with CPD short courses
  • Course length: 2 weeks
  • Study hours: 30
  • Start dates: 1 July
  • Lesson times: 1 hour a day for 2-weeks: Add on to short courses

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for language teachers who want to use more technology to enhance the learning experience of their students

Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will have developed an awareness of the potential of using technologies in the language classroom

  • have looked at a range of technologically-enhanced classroom activities
  • considered the learning theories that underpin them.
  • have a bank of resources to use in teaching
  • have had opportunities to raise and explore teaching issues relevant to their own context with colleagues

Examples of syllabus content are:

  • exploiting text, image, audio and video.
  • websites, apps, tools • specific learning goals related to skills and systems
  • projects that could be implemented in your teaching context

Other areas can be included according to the requests of the participants at the start of the course.

Sample course programme

Technology for Teacher Training Sample Programme

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Technology for Language Teachers

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