Cross-Cultural Communication Skills Seminars


Our international business and cultural training courses cover business culture and markets in different countries, training for international sales teams, managing relocation, cultural awareness and negotiating across cultures.

Cultural training and international business courses are designed specifically for your company.

Why take a cultural training course

Cultural misunderstandings can destroy business relationships. Contracts can be lost, projects can break down, mergers with overseas companies can go wrong and executive relocations can fail within weeks.

An effective multicultural approach in business can transform cross-cultural relationships, productivity and staff engagement. People learn to ask the right questions, leave pre-conceived ideas behind and embrace different approaches.

Breaking through the cultural barrier

IH London cross-cultural communication skills seminars empower participants to work effectively with clients, colleagues and partners from different cultural backgrounds. They achieve immediate and significant results.

We work with you to articulate your specific company needs and design a programme that precisely targets those needs. Most seminars last from 1 to 2 days. They can address up to 20 participants and take place either in your company offices or at International House in Covent Garden.

Popular cross-cultural communication skills seminars

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