Language training for business - beginner

Sample syllabus: business Italian (beginner and elementary level)

On this course students will learn:

  • to communicate with others in practical, business-oriented situations
  • to understand spoken Italian in a variety of situations
  • to be able to express themselves with increasing fluency, accuracy and confidence
  • to work with a range of specific business-focused vocabulary

The content will be supported by consistent work on core grammatical structures, vocabulary patterns and pronunciation.

Actual content depends on pre-course Needs Analysis, and is subject to on-going change as the course evolves. These are sample modules only.


  • Introducing yourself & others
  • Greetings, farewells, please and thank you
  • Common expressions, small talk, the weather
  • Networking - the first 5 minutes

Your company

  • Describing your company
  • Describing your role in the company
  • Looking at the different departments of the company
  • Welcoming visitors


  • Ordinal and cardinal, money
  • Time – dates, timetables
  • Making appointments and changing appointments
  • Key figures – turnover, margin, trends, forecasts

Business travel

  • Booking tickets, asking for information
  • At the airport
  • Hotels – making a reservation, asking for help
  • Food & drink – ordering at a restaurant or bar, paying
  • Directions – asking for and giving, describing where something is

On the phone

  • Making and receiving a call
  • Taking a message
  • Asking for someone’s number

Writing emails

  • Formal and informal forms of address
  • Useful expressions – giving an opinion, making a suggestion
  • How to start and finish an email
  • Business conventions