Language training for managers - intermediate

Sample syllabus: English for managers (intermediate level)

On this course managers will learn:

  • to communicate with others in practical, business-oriented situations
  • to understand spoken English in a variety of accents in relevant situations
  • to be able to express themselves in English with greater fluency, accuracy and confidence
  • how to handle themselves in English in a variety of business contexts, from negotiating, to using the telephone, to making presentations, to socialising
  • to work with a range of specific vocabulary, so developing their understanding of written and spoken English in the areas they need

The content will be supported by consistent work on core grammatical structures, vocabulary patterns and pronunciation.

Actual content depends on pre-course Needs Analysis, and is subject to on-going change as the course evolves. These are sample modules only.

Making presentations

  • Presentation skills
  • Introducing a topic effectively
  • Linking and sequencing ideas
  • Concluding
  • Responding to questions

Process management

  • Describing processes, cause and effect
  • Use of passives
  • Criticising, recommending
  • Quality assurance, continuous improvement


  • Key negotiating language, framing your argument
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Negotiating with customers
  • On the phone

Business writing

  • Style, register, business conventions
  • Writing emails
  • Writing reports

Current business topics

  • Presenting an article
  • Reading and summarising
  • Discussing pros and cons, giving an opinion
  • Pausing for effect


  • Describing recruitment & selection processes
  • Conducting interviews, question formation
  • Practice (recorded) and feedback
  • Writing: a job advertisement, CVs, references

Social English

  • The first five minutes
  • Speed networking – the elevator pitch
  • Small talk, turn-taking
  • Business conventions