How In-company Training works


We start with a conversation. We listen to what you would like to achieve, what your current capabilities are and discuss the most practical, cost-effective way of working with you.

We’ll create a proposal which details course objectives, training design and delivery, course reporting, feedback, review and assessment processes and full costs. This can then be discussed and amended as you require.

Once we agree to proceed, there is a 7-step training programme.

Pre-Course preparation

training cycle

Detailed Training Needs Analysis & Level Testing mean your program will be ready to hit the ground running from the first session.

Course plan and learning objectives

These are clearly set out and designed to give a clear sense of what will realistically be achieved in your course. These are shared via the online course management system.

There is flexibility and plans can be amended as the course progresses and new needs emerge.

Trainer assignment

All teachers are qualified, experienced native-speakers. We assign the best trainers for your programme by experience, background and cultural fit. They are supported by a world-class academic department, on-going professional development and an unparalleled library of resources.

Training delivery

IHL trainers use a modern, eclectic methodology designed to be practical, engaging and relevant. All students have free online support, including lesson summaries and materials, extra learning resources, and discussion forums.

Lessons are timetabled around your schedule and can be postponed at one working days’ notice.

Management reporting

The IH London online Management Reporting system allows you to track: lesson attendance; course content; assessment results; feedback; key documents, such as Training Agreements, Needs Analysis, Level Test results.

Your Account Manager will work with you to ensure the overall success of your training programme.

Feedback and assessment

We collect feedback at regular intervals throughout their course. Any issues relating to the content or delivery of the course are immediately addressed.

Progress is regularly assessed, either via a trainer-deigned review, or an external language test.

Training review and next steps

Training Reviews ensure that the Course Plan is on track and Learning Objectives are being met. Where issues are raised, action will be taken immediately.

If the course is at an end, then suitable post-course study options will be discussed. These may include self-study, workshops, online support, or a further period of tuition.

Find out more

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Helen is extremely high class teacher. Each of the lessons was just a pleasure to be present. I have no doubts that Helen is one of the 10 top teachers in whole London.

Svetlana Borisova

Rosle Estates Ltd