Language training for advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing campaigns increasingly take place in a global context. Understanding target markets and communicating with audiences is critical to success.

Learning a language and the culture that surrounds it gives you valuable insights into those markets and builds strong relationships with clients, partners and suppliers.

We create tailored language training programmes incorporating innovative content and delivery design, so allowing us to provide flexible, effective courses around your needs and schedules.

Typical outcomes are greater confidence when communicating, an ability to understand what others say and the culture that informs them, and the language skills required to express yourself accurately in business-critical situations.

Sample syllabus: French for marketing (intermediate level)

Actual content depends on pre-course Needs Analysis, and is subject to on-going change as the course evolves. These are sample modules only.


  • Outline and course aims
  • Discussion of work & language needs

What is marketing

  • Discussion: defining marketing
  • Word partnerships & core vocabulary
  • Article research, summary & presentation preparation

Marketing strategies

  • Vocabulary building: common word partnerships
  • Diplomatic language
  • Listening: discussion on marketing techniques
  • Discussion: market leaders
  • Negotiation role-play: sportswear endorsement

Market segmentation and research

  • Questioning & evaluating
  • Expressing preference, likes, dislikes
  • Listening: a manager from Marks & Spencer
  • Role-play: evaluating a preliminary report
  • Video and discussion: market segmentation

Promotional tools

  • Descriptions
  • Review: language of evaluation, metrics
  • Reading: article from Marketing Week
  • Discussion: evaluation of advertising styles
  • Meeting role-play: product promotion

Case study

  • Video: a company has marketing problems
  • Role-play: department meeting to discuss the above
  • SWOT analysis, marketing plan, implementation
  • Role-play: presenting to the Board