Language training for the energy industry

Energy companies are globally-focused, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural. Communicating clearly is vital to operations, whether it be health and safety, managing reservoirs, or negotiating deals.

We’ve worked with oil and gas companies in the UK, Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, and Algeria among many others.

We understand their need to communicate with clarity, to understand what others say, to participate effectively in meetings and negotiations, and to discuss critical matters with each other in a language that everybody understands.

Sample syllabus: English for the oil and gas industry (intermediate – upper-intermediate level)

Actual content depends on pre-course Needs Analysis, and is subject to on-going change as the course evolves. These are sample modules only.


  • Course outline and approach
  • Individual needs analysis

Oil and gas production

  • Key vocabulary
  • Describing processes
  • Language of presentations followed by mini-presentation on industry-related topic
  • Social English: greeting a visitor and taking them round the field; responding to questions

Financial issues

  • Numbers
  • Oil and gas prices and their implications (listening to BBC; reading FT)
  • Language of telephoning
  • Exchanging facts and figures; asking for and giving information; handling queries
  • Presentation: overview of the company


  • Language of negotiations
  • Typical negotiating contexts in the oil industry
  • Listening: negotiating a contract - role play(s) and feedback
  • Email writing

Risk management

  • Key vocabulary and language of meetings
  • Risk and problem-solving: industry scenarios (e.g. environmental; accidents...)
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Hypothesizing ‘What if?’ scenarios - related role play and feedback

Cultural considerations

  • Dealing with your international partners
  • Cultural tips
  • Language of meetings - meeting role play
  • Health & safety issues
  • Social English: entertaining visitors, small talk and making conversation