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Occupational English Test

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a test for healthcare professionals. The OET is used in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singap

ore among others to assess the Medical English skills of a wide range of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses and midwives.

The Occupational English Test is being updated, and the updated OET will come into effect from September 2018 test. Many of the OET test tasks, the format of the test and the focus in each sub-test (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) will remain the same. The level of English being tested by OET will not change (the updated test will be neither harder nor easier than it is today). The skills and competencies you need to achieve target OET scores, and thus practice safely in the workplace, will also remain largely unchanged.Healthcare professionals require a grade B in the OET to work in the UK. Grade B is an advanced level of English, equivalent to IELTS band 7 and C1 in the Common European Framework (CEF).

 International House London offers a range of test preparation programmes to help you prepare for the OET test.

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