Meet our English for Work team

Our Business and Specialist English training team is a diverse group with a wealth of language training skills and experience.


Lewis Dennis

Business and Specialist Centre Manager

Lewis joined the Business and Specialist Centre in 2014 and now works as a Senior Teacher. He teaches business English but also specialises in English for Football, and spends several lessons per week training staff of a top London team. Previously he had a similar role at a large school in Kent and has taught business English in numerous locations around Europe. Lewis speaks French and Italian. His qualifications include: MA TESOL, Dip TESOL, BA (Politics) DELTM.


Alan Cargyl 

Alan Cargyl was previously an Assistant Director of Studies in International House, Poland. In his fifteen years at the Business and Specialist Centre, Alan has been a frequent contributor at Conferences and other events for teachers. He has also had significant input in the educational management of the Centre. His qualifications include: BA (Hons) & RSA/UCLES DTEFLA.


Dominique Vouillemin

Dominique Vouillemin taught English in Japan and Poland before coming to International House in 1992. She has wide experience in English language teaching, is a qualified NLP trainer, and runs business English Teacher training and cultural training courses. Her qualifications include: BA (Hons), MA English Lang, Cert Ed and RSA/UCLES DTEFLA. She speaks French.

Francis Hill

Francis Hill

Francis worked for International House in Milan after gaining his teaching certificate in 1999. He is also a qualified lawyer and still does some work in this area. He joined the Business and Specialist Centre team in 2015 and has taught a wide variety of business, general and legal English classes. He speaks fluent French and Italian. His qualifications include BA, GDL, CELTA.


Helen Gray

Helen has wide-ranging experience of ESP, management and business English in both Latvia and the UK. She studied linguistics at Masters level for two years and did an MBA course, also working for 6 years at a business school. She has been on the teaching staff of the Centre since 2011. Her qualifications include: BA, DELTA. She speaks Russian, French, Latvian and is learning Italian.


Jane von Holzen

Jane has a wide variety of experience of business English tuition and management. She has been a teacher and teacher trainer at the Centre for eight years, is an important member of our IELTS teaching team and speaks French. Her qualifications include: MA , RSA/UCLES Dip TEFLA & LCCI CertTEB.


Melanie Bryant

Melanie Bryant has been a teacher and trainer at IH London for 23 years. She specialises in English for Executives and is a Trinity IBET trainer. Her wide-ranging experience includes delivering specialist business courses and project-based general English courses. Before coming to london she worked in Berlin. Her qualifications are: BA (Hons), MA (Spanish), RSA/UCLES DipTEFLA. 


Nichola Green

Nichola taught English in Costa Rica, where she opened a school, and in Turkey before coming to International House. She has been working at the Centre for a number of years and her qualifications are: BA, RSA/UCLES DTEFLA. She speaks French, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic.


Nick Hamilton

Nick Hamilton has been a Director of Studies with IH in Turkey and has also taught and trained teachers in Germany, Poland, Lithuania and China. He is a teacher trainer on DELTA, CELTA and CertIBET courses, and has been with IH for twenty five years. His qualifications include: MA (Hons), RSA/UCLES Dip TEFLA. He speaks German and Turkish.


Sally Paleti

Sally worked for a number of years with a large pharmaceutical company before beginning a new career teaching English in 2010. She is a qualified online learning facilitator and speaks Spanish. Her qualifications include CELTA.

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