What happens on test day

We are pleased to confirm that our centres/exam operations are running as normal, so we want to reassure you that your health is our priority and we’re putting measures in place to ensure your safety on test day.

Test days can be stressful, so we’ve detailed what happens from start to finish so you can turn up knowing what to expect, feeling confident and ready to do your best.

Candidate Experience

Please watch this video for a better understanding of the test taker journey at IH London and the security points that we follow to ensure a safe and secure test environment and to follow test rules and regulations. Although this video was shot at our London venue, the same procedures are followed in all other locations. We hope this helps you prepare for your test day experience but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ielts@ihlondon.com and we will be happy to help.

Before leaving home

  • Make sure you have your registered ID with you.
  • If you have a cold, flu or COVID, please bring a facemask and hand sanitizer to use regularly. It is not necessary to inform us of your illness in advance.

Leaving home

  • Check the route so you know where you’re going and how long it will take
  • Bring: Valid ID (the passport or EU identification card you booked your test with. For Israel locations, only passport accepted))
  • Don’t bring: any valuables, as you’ll need to leave your belongings in the designated area.

Arriving at the test centre

  • The registration opening time will be provided in your confirmation letter, but arrive early to give yourself plenty of time – if you’re late you will not be able to sit the test and will lose your test fee*
  • As part of registration, you’ll have your photo taken and fingerprints scanned (except Israel)

*Medical emergencies – if you missed your test day because you were unwell, you’ll need to send us an authorised medical certificate within 5 days of the test.

Sitting the test

  • The starting time of your test will be provided in your confirmation letter
  • Apart from your pen/pencil and ID card, you can only take water in, so make sure you’ve eaten beforehand
  • Our desks are placed 2 metres apart to ensure social distancing
  • The Listening, Reading and Writing sections last a total of 2hrs 45 minutes with no breaks
  • Your Speaking test will be held on the same day

After the test

  • Stay in your seat until the invigilator says you can leave
  • Tell the invigilator right away if there were any problems that affected you during the test. Any complaints received after the results are released will not be accepted
  • Collect your belongings on the way out

Your results

  • Your Test Report Form will be available 13 days after the IELTS on paper test – you will have it posted to you and you will see it online in your Test Taker Portal
  • If you have taken IELTS on a computer, your results will be available in 3-5 days
  • Your overall score will be an average of your scores in each of the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sections of the test – find out more about results here

Covid-19 measures

Hand sanitiser will be provided at our test centre.

Our test centre is regularly sanitised.