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International House London is Linguaskill approved Agent andTest Centre.

Linguaskill is an online English Language test that can assess 1-4 skills (Reading and Listening combined, Writing, Speaking) depending on what a candidate or organisation wants to show. The tests can be bought and conducted by any organisation as part of their recruitment or benchmarking process making it easy and convenient to incorporate into your processes.

Linguaskill is very useful for higher education institutions, recruitment organisations and employers. Higher education institution can evaluate students’ language requirements from admission to graduation. Employers and recruiters can use Linguaskill for testing language skills for applicants or to evaluate staff skills after language training.

Why you should choose Linguaskill for your organisation:

  • You'll receive individual and group reports instantly for Reading and Listening, and within 48 hours for all skills.
  • The test is modular, so you can choose which combination of reading, listening, writing and speaking is right for your organisation.
  • Linguaskill is multi-level, helping you to assess candidates of all abilities with just one test.
  • Tests are simple to deliver in-house


Test format

Linguaskill is a flexible, modular assessment, which tests: Reading and Listening (combined), Writing, and Speaking.

Reading and Listening




Length: About 60–85 minutes


Length: 45 minutes (2 parts)


Length: 15 minutes (5 parts)

 Types of questions – Reading tasks:

  • Read and select
  • Gapped sentences
  • Multiple-choice gap-fill
  • Open gap-fill
  • Extended reading    

Types of questions – Listening tasks:

  • Listen and select
  • Extended listening   

 Part 1 (Email)

The candidate will be asked to write a minimum of 50 words

Part 2 (Long text)

The candidate will be asked to write a minimum of 180 words

 Part 1 (interview)

  • The candidate answers eight questions about themselves (the first two questions are not marked).

Part 2 (reading aloud)

  • The candidate reads eight sentences aloud.

Part 3 (long turn 1)

  • The candidate is given a topic to talk about for one minute. 40 seconds are allowed for preparation.

Part 4 (long turn 2)

  • The candidate is given one or more graphics (such as a diagram or information sheet) to talk about for one minute. One minute is allowed for preparation.

Part 5 (communication activity)

  • The candidate gives their opinions in the form of short responses to five questions related to one topic. One minute is allowed for preparation.

Linguaskill sample tests

Linguaskill Reading and Listening sample test

Linguaskill Writing sample test

Linguaskill Speaking sample test

 Your Linguaskill results

Results for Linguaskill are provided instantly for Reading and Listening, and within 48 hours for all skills.

Score  CEFR level
 180+  C1 or above
 160–179  B2
 140–159  B1
 120–139  A2
 100–119  A1
 82–99  Below A1

 To find out more about Linguaskill downloads The Linguaskill brochure.

 For further information regarding the Linguaskill test,  please visit the Linguaskill website.

Price List:

Reading & Listening - £35

Speaking - £35

Writing - £35

4 Skills - £80

International House London is also able to provide a venue and proctoring service or deliver the test for you. Please contact if you would like more information on this service and fees.