If you have never studied Arabic before these courses are for you. Whether you're looking for an introduction to the language before a holiday, or want to study intensively, we have a range of beginners classes available. (LEVELS: 1&2)

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If you have a basic knowledge of Arabic, you are ready to move on to our Elementary courses where you'll build upon the foundations and gain a more solid understanding of the language. (LEVELS: 3-8)

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If you have a solid grasp of elementary level vocabulary and grammar, and want to delve deeper into the language, our pre-intermediate courses are a great continuation. (LEVELS: 9-12)

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Low Intermediate

If you are looking to progress to a higher level of Arabic, these courses are for you. Take your language skills to the next level and work on your fluency and confidence with our low intermediate level classes. (LEVELS: 13-16)

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These courses are aimed at students who have a solid grasp of the language and who wish to progress to a more advanced level. (LEVELS: 17-22)

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Work on your conversation skills as well as comprehension and cultural knowledge with our Upper-Intermediate level Arabic classes. (CONVERSATION)



Have a question about our courses? Take a look at our FAQs page which has lots of information about our foreign language classes.

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Other Arabic Courses


One-to-one Arabic lessons are for learners that require individual tutoring. Private lessons focus on your exact learning needs and can be scheduled around your commitments.

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Closed Group

Our closed group courses are available for group of a certain level who wish to study together privately, be they friends, family or past classmates who wish to progress together.

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Our team can deliver bespoke individual and group in-company language courses based on specific business needs, sectors, schedules and budgets.

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