25 Jun 2009

Riccardo Fusato wins June’s writing competition

‘A non conventional fairytale’ was the theme of IH London’s monthly writing competition. Open to all current students, the challenge was to create a story without the stereotypes. No handsome, virtuous prince, no patient and beautiful princess, and certainly no happy marriage at the end!

First place Riccardo Fusato won tickets to a London show with his contemporary take on the classic fairytale.
Read Riccardo's story (25 KB)
Runners up were Toshiko Edmunds, Sukjin Moon and Ye-Na Kim.

Why not take part in the next story-writing competition?

July's theme is 'A Murder Mystery', and we'll be looking for mysteries with murders, suspects, clues to follow and of course an intelligent detective (successful or otherwise). Visit the library for more information or contact

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