15 Jul 2010

Highest score to date in IH London's EAQUALS Inspection

In our recent inspection by accrediting body EAQUALS, IH London achieved its highest ever quality score.

EAQUALS is an international association that promotes and guarantees quality in language teaching and learning. As an accredited member, IH London must show continuous development of academic excellence - verified through regular inspections.

Our inspection this May found IH London to offer high quality in teaching; course programmes and course organisation; and in learning resources, testing and evaluation. The EAQUALS inspectors also found that we take great care to protect the welfare of our clients and staff, and that all publicity materials produced by IH London are accurate and truthful.

We are particularly proud that EAQUALS identified the following areas of the organisation as 'excellent':

  • Academic Management - curriculum and syllabus
  • Academic Management - quality assurance
  • Other services to course participants
  • Staff contracts, terms and conditions
  • Qualifications, experience and training
  • Communications
  • Premises
  • Management and administration

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