12 Jun 2012

Golden Jubilee lecture: 50 years of ideas and practice in English language teaching

Guy Cook, Professor of English with the Open University, will be reflecting on the last 50 years of ideas and practices in English language teaching (ELT) at a lecture at International House London this weekend.

The lecture is entitled 'Moving targets in ELT: the secret of relative success', and is part of a series of events organised by IH London to mark our 50th year of excellence in teacher training.

Professor Cook, who will become Professor of Language in Education at King’s College London from next month, will tell the audience 'there is no simple measure of successful language teaching and learning. Measures (in both senses of the word) must change with the times, and go on changing, as new circumstances in the world create new learner needs in the classroom. So, paradoxically, the absolute criterion for success may be to realise that there isn't one. Perhaps this is why International House has not just kept up with the times, but kept ahead.'

Where and when

The free lecture will take place at International House London, 16 Stukeley Street, London WC2B 5LQ on Saturday 16 June 2012, and will start at 11am.

Book your place

To book your place please email

A video of the lecture will be published on our website after the event.

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