03 Jun 2014

IH London photography competition

IH London's first photography  competition, proposed and organised by General English student Arash Khorshidi, was launched earlier this year.

Staff and students at IH London were invited to submit up to five photographs under the categories: Nature, architecture, photo-journalism, social life and abstract.

90 fantastic entries were submitted, which made the task of selecting winners for each category very difficult for the judging panel. After much discussion and deliberation the judges agreed on the best photographs. 

The winners were presented with framed copies of their photographs and a certificate at a grand unveiling in the reception area of the school on Monday afternoon.

A selection of other entries in the competition will be displayed in the IH London cafe shortly.

Winner in the nature category – IH London teacher Jess Luby

Jess Luby Nature photo Jess presentation1 Jess presentation2 Winner of the architecture category – General English student Chih-Wei Lee

Chih-Wei was unable to attend the private view.

Chih-Wei Lee Architecture

Winner in the social life category – General English student Akemi Kawasaki

Akemi Kawasaki Social Life

Akemi presentation1

Akemi presentation2

Winner of the photo-journalism category – IH London student services executive Mirko D’Arcancelo

Mirko D'Arcangelo Photojournalism

Mirko D'Arcangelo presentation1

Mirko D'Arcangelo presentation2

Winner in the abstract category – IH London teacher Will Morrow

Will Morrow Abstract

Will Morrow presentation1

Will Morrow presentation2

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