06 Apr 2015

IH London at IATEFL Manchester 2015

IH London IATEFL Manchester

It's the 49th the annual IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) Conference and Exhibition at Manchester Central, Manchester on 11- 14 April 2015.

Come and meet the IH London team between talks and workshops. You'll be able to discuss training options and ELT trends with the IH London trainers and teachers, or just say hello and catch up with friends.

IATEFL speakers from IH London

This year six of our teachers and teacher trainers will be delivering talks over the period of the conference.

Subjects include Dogme and ELT Management, the use of video and images in the classroom, getting students speaking skills to university level, students with special educational needs, the impact removing language analysis from the CLTA course and the benefits of creating your own lessons from the very beginning of CELTA training.

Maureen McGarvey: The Dogme and demand of ELT management

Maureen will be looking at two influential ELT theories and examining their implications for managers in ELT.

  • Date: Sunday 12/04/2015
  • Time: 14.20 - 14.50
  • Room: Central 5

Hugh Dellar: Can a picture tell a thousand words?

Hugh will argue that the impact of visuals in the classroom is down to how they are used. In this talk he will present examples of his own use of real world materials.

  • Date: Sunday 12/04/2015
  • Time:15.05 - 15.35
  • Room: Central 5

Varinder Unlu: There's something about Ali, Hyunwoo and Fererico...

Varinder will present a talk and advice session on helping students with special educational needs, some of whom may not have previously been identified as having such needs or issues.

  • Date: Tuesday 14/04/2015
  • Time: 10.25 - 10.55
  • Room: Exchange 7

Joanna Stansfield and Emma Meade-Flynn: The natural CELTA - A farewell to language?

Joanna and Emma's talk will ask what the impact would be if the CELTA course focused only on practical teaching skills - would trainees still acquire language awareness?

  • Date: Tuesday 14/04/2015
  • Time: 11.10 - 11.40
  • Room: Central 7

Danny Norrington-Davies: Topics, texts, tasks and a stolen packet of sweets

Danny's workshop will show how encouraging CELTA trainees to create their own lessons at the very start of their teacher training has a positive impact on their teaching, classroom management and lesson planning skills.

  • Date: Sunday 12/04/2015
  • Time: 10.25 - 11.10
  • Room: Cobden 2

International House London and IATEFL scholarship winners

Katie Moran: Developing a sustainable exploratory/action research project: Improving oral presentations

Katie is the 2014 winner of the IH London John Haycraft Classroom Exploration Scholarship. In her talk Katie will discuss her ongoing research which aims to improve non-native English speaking university students' oral presentation skills.

  • Date: Saturday 11/04/2015
  • Time: 17.55 - 18.25
  • Room: Exchange 1


Ruwaida Abu-Rass: Integrating human values in EFL instruction

Winner of the IH Training and Development Scholarship, Ruwaida's talk discusses the importance of providing Arab student teachers studying in Israel with the practical skills required to work in a divided society.

  • Date: Sunday 12/04/2015
  • Time: 11.45 - 12.15
  • Room: Exchange 4

Olja Milosevic: Understanding group dynamics in the English classroom

International House John Haycraft Classroom Exploration scholarship winner Olja's talk is based on her research project which explores different types of student contribution and interaction and how they impact, positively and negatively, on the group of learners.

  • Date: Monday 13/04/2015
  • Time: 17.25 - 17.55
  • Room: Exchange 9


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