24 Sep 2015

IH London students celebrate Autumn festivals

Autumn festival London 2015

This weekend IH London students  from different parts South East and North East Asia will be celebrating variations of the Mid-Autumn festival.

Although students from Taiwan, China, Thailand and South Korea refer to the celebrations by different names and celebrates differ, many of them are organising joint celebrations with elements (food) from their own countries and regions.


Korean students

Leanne a General English student from Taiwan tells us that she is very excited to be celebrating with friends she has made at IH London South Korea. Ben from Seoul is looking forward to preparing Korean barbeque for his language exchange group.

Even students from places that do not celebrate Chuesok or the Mid-Autumn festival are looking forward to joining their new friends from Asia and enjoying great company and wonderful food.

In London, there are festivities happening all week just a short walk from IH London in China Town, culminating in a day of dragon dances and martial arts displays, lantern parades and lots of tasty mooncakes on Sunday 27 September.


Moon festival China Town Bakery


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