05 Feb 2015

Teachers from Peru train at IH London and King's College London

Peruvian school teachers

 Teachers from Peru at IH London during their first week

School teachers from Peru study on a specially developed programme provided by King’s College London and International House London.

85 Peruvian teachers are studying on a seven week programme combining English language development and teacher training methodology and practice. The programme forms a part of the Peruvian’s Government's plan to make Peru a bilingual nation by 2025, with English as its second language.

Speakers at Pearson's

Reception at Pearson: Left to right Richard Bradford (IH London) Raul Valdivia (IH London) Julio Muñoz (Peruvian Ambassador)  Jane Farrar (FCO) Giles Grant (Pearson English) Eduardo Choroco (Peruvian Embassy)


Peruvian Ambassador Julio Muñoz talks about the teacher training programme

The programme currently underway at IH London aims to train the best Peruvian teachers and identify future 'master trainers' who will be able to cascade the best methodology and approaches down through the education system in Peru. Simultaneously, a number of initiatives are underway in Peru which will help to reinforce the teaching infrastructure in Peru.

IH London responded to the Peruvian Ministry of Education (Minedu) invitation to tender for the programme in November last year and the Peruvian teachers walked into the central London teacher training centre and language school in the last week of January.

Peruvian school teachers Pearsons

 Teachers at Pearson reception

Peruvian school teachers Jeremy Hammer Pearsons

 Jeremy Harmer at Pearson reception

Caroline Turner, the academic course manager for this programme, said: “The teachers are so grateful for this opportunity and are keen and motivated to make the very best of this experience”.

She continued: “Many of the teachers only found out their applications had been successful a week before they arrived in the country. A number of them had never even visited the Peruvian capital, Lima, before embarking on this trip. Their determination to get here, find their way around and integrate culturally has been really impressive. They have also adapted very quickly to winter in London, which contrasts substantially with the height of the Peruvian summer!"

The teachers are fully funded by Pronabec¸ the training and development grants arm of the Peruvian Ministry of Education and will be in the UK until 13 March.

Peruvian school teachers 2

Teachers arrive at King's College London

The programme is being jointly provided by King’s College London and International House London, with the majority of the teaching taking place at International House.

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