16 May 2016

Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate at IH London

This month's Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate took place at IH London on 12-14 May, 2016. The three day course teaches you how to research, design, market and deliver a cross-cultural training programme. The course is taught by Barry Tomalin, who is a renowned writer, trainer, public speaker and global business consultant. 

IHLondon _Business Cultural Trainer 's Certificate

After completing the Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate, many positive outcomes will arise, such as new teaching ideas and techniques, new career opportunities, new income strands for schools, colleges, teachers and new contacts. The course can be used to learn new techniques, enhance your own training delivery or develop a new career skill. Experienced trainers and beginners alike find this programme extremely valuable. 

Here are some further photographs from this month's course: 

IHLondon _Business Cultural Trainer 's Certificate _2

IHLondon _Business Cultural Trainer 's Certificate _3

Some past students have provided feedback, which includes: 

  • "For me the key outcomes were course design and marketing expertise and greater awareness of the topic. Thank you.” (University lecturer, China)
  • "With this course I can expand my potential clientele and the scope of my institute" (Trainer, Germany)
  • "Extremely valuable! Three days of learning and training, making new contacts and working with people on the activities" (Trainer, UK)  

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The Business Cultural Trainer's Certificate is a three day course, and we are offering courses in July, September and November. Click here to go to our Business Cultural Trainer's course page.

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