21 Mar 2016

IH London featured in The Pie Review

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Engaging, visually appealing and responsive – these are rules that contribute to a successful social media strategy. Natalie Marsh finds out how international education stakeholders are faring when trying to engage with the world.

From the big names such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to Instagram, WeChat, Pinterest, Weibo and Vine, there are a plethora of social platforms offering ways to engage. “The biggest challenge with social media for language schools is identifying the best platforms for your audience, as there are so many different applications and some are more popular than others in different countries,” adds Emma Buckby at well known English language school IH London in the UK. She points out that a rise in picture-based platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest has also meant a new positioning around what “content” actually is.

Visual is vital IH London is putting much time and consideration into improving image and film output. “There are only so many images of classrooms and school facilities that you can show,” says Buckby. “Therefore, engaging photos of London is better for this with carefully researched hashtags.” Buckby’s colleague, Rima Musa, anticipates a further trend towards streaming live feeds on social media. “Twitter has also recently acquired Periscope, which is showing us more and more that feeds will tend to become the norm in the near future.” - as featured in The Pie Review Issue #9 2016 

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