14 Oct 2016

IH London staff members attend the IH Milan conference

Our IH London Director of Studies, Varinder Unlu, and our Sales Manager, Muriel Carvalho, are currently in Milan, Italy, attending the IH Milan 2016 conference. 

Varinder Unlu was speaking today at the annual IH Milan conference on the topic of teaching vocabulary to dyslexic students and the results of the popular SOLE programme (Self Organised Learning Environment). The afternoon sessions were held by IH Milan teachers who shared their many years of experience teaching children and young people. 

The annual IH Milan conference is also a great way to mingle and meet friends and fellow teachers in an informal and inspiring environment. 

Here are some photos from the IH Milan conference that took place today: 

IH London_Milan

IH London_IH Milan 2016 conference

IH London_IH Milan 2016

International House London_IH Milan conference

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