19 May 2016

IH London visits China

Steve Brent, CEO of IH Trust, and Caroline Turner, Teacher and Teacher Trainer at IH London, are currently in China promoting IELTS across three universities and a state school. 

IELTS workshops have been organised, with IELTS teachers coming to take part from across China. Caroline has been conducting a mock test, and has been analysing the writing, correcting scripts and seeing where their weaknesses lie. The IELTS workshops are taking place from 16-20 May, 2016.

Here is a photograph of Steve Brent, CEO of IH Trust, and Christine Chen of Shanghai Century Publishing Group:

Steve Brent China 4

The IELTS workshops have been taking place at three universities in Shanghai, China, and one state school in Changzhou, China, which Steve visited. 

On the last day, Steve is visiting a golf club who are sending students to IH Ellesmere to participate in a golf programme there. 

Delegates that attended included: 

Steve Brent, CEO of IH Trust
Caroline Turner, Teacher and Teacher Trainer, IH London
Wendy Yin, Sunray Education
Christine Chen,  Shanghai Century Publishing Group

Here are some further images from the trip:

IH London _Steve Brent China

Steve Brent China 3

Steve Brent China

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