12 Jul 2016

Richard Cauldwell speaks to Basque group at IH London

Today we welcomed guest speaker Richard Cauldwell who spoke to our group of Basque teachers on the topic of "Why is listening difficult? Reasons, causes, solutions". The session was aimed at higher level users of English and learners rather than as teachers for primary and secondary. 

IH London_Richard

During the workshop Richard explained in further detail what the inherent difficulties of normal speech are, why our speech rules are obstacles and suggested some solutions such as the word-crusher, word-clouds and vocal gymnastics. 

Richard explains how "even advanced learners find listening to normal (unscripted, spontaneous) speech very difficult. Many people blame themselves for the difficulties they have. But it's not their fault". Here's why: 

  • Normal speech is inherently difficult

  • It is fast, unclear, messy and unruly

  • Words are often pulled into unrecognisable shapes

  • Standard ELT materials and teaching procedures do not prepare learners adequately 

Here are some further photographs from today's workshop: 

IH London_Richard 2

IH London_Richard 3

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