Are you travelling to Spain or a Spanish speaking country for your summer holiday? Being able to speak some of the lingo makes such a difference when abroad, and these key phrases will help you with the basics – ¡Olé!





Buenos dias | Buenas tardes

Good morning | Good afternoon or evening


Por favor




Thank you


Una mesa para… dos/tres/cuatro

A table for… two/three/four people


La carta

The menu


Una cerveza | Dos/tres/cuatro cervezas

A beer | Two/three/four beers 


Un vino tinto/blanco | Dos/tres/cuatro vinos tintos/blancos

A glass of red/white wine | Two/three/four glasses of red/white wine


Un tinto de verano

A glass of ‘summer red’ – this is a very typical summer drink in Spain which is similar to sangría


Una botella de vino tinto/blanco de la casa

A bottle of house red/white wine


Una botella de agua/agua con gas

A bottle of water/sparkling water


Una ración de… patatas bravas | croquetas | mejillones | gambas | manchego | jamón | pimientos del padrón

A portion of… patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) | croquettes | muscles | prawns | manchego cheese | ham | padrón peppers – for ordering tapas


La cuenta por favor

Can I get the bill please?


¿Dónde está… la playa | el supermercado | la plaza mayor?

Where is the… beach | supermarket | main square?


¡Necesito crema solar de factor cincuenta!

I need factor 50 sun cream!


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