Dreaming of châteaux and vins rougues? Sunflower fields and Parisian bistros? It must mean your French holiday is just around the corner! Before you go, get your head around these top phrases and prepare to chat to the locals. 



Bonjour | Bonne journée

Hello / Good morning / Good day | Have a nice day (said when saying goodbye)


Bonsoir | Bonne soirée

Good evening | Have a nice evening (said when you are saying goodbye)


Petit déjeuner



Un café crème | Un café noisette

A milk coffee – this is similar to a cappuccino

A small milk coffee – this is similar to an espresso with milk, sometimes served with a hazelnut flavouring


Les boissons



Je prendrais… un demi | un Monaco | un kir cassis | un kir royale | un vin rouge | un vin blanc

I’ll have…

Un demithis is the term for a small beer which is around a half pint

Un Monacoa typical French drink (ideal in the summer), a Monaco is a mixture of lager, lemonade and grenadine and is so refreshing on a hot day!

Un kir cassis – a classic French drink which is a mixture of white wine and blackcurrant liqueur

Un kir royale – similar to the above, but made with champagne

Un verre de vin rougea glass of red wine

Un verre de vin blanc – a glass of white wine


Le menu du jour | La carte

Lunchtime set menu – usually three courses for a fixed price | Regular menu


Je prendrais… la tartine à la tapenade | la soupe à l’oignon | la salade niçoise | les moules marinières | le steak-frites | la bouillabaisse | la crêpe jambon fromage | la tarte au citron

I’ll have…

La tartine à la tapenadebread with a black olive paste

La soupe à l’oignon French onion soup… a classic!

La salade niçoisea delicious summery fish salad originating from Nice

Les moules marinières muscles cooked in white wine and parsley

Le steak-fritessteak and chips

La bouillabaisse – a traditional Provençal fish stew originating from Marseille

La crêpe jambon fromage – a cheese and ham crepe

La tarte au citron – lemon tart


Une table pour deux s’il vous plaît

A table for two please


L’addition s’il vous plaît

Can I have the bill please?


Où est la gare?

Where is the train station?


Un billet aller retour

A return ticket


A l‘aéroport, s’il vous plait

To the airport please



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